The Power Of Sexual Transmutation Will Make You Awesome

In the 143rd episode of Seinfeld, called “The abstinence”, Georges’ girlfriend has mononucleosis. They can’t have sex for six weeks. The lack of sex changes George. It turns him into a genius. There are several scenes showing his new faculties. In one scene he talks to Jerry, answers to Jeopardy questions and solves a Rubik’s Cube. Another scene shows him explaining two players of the Yankees how to hit a baseball. It is hilarious. The episode illustrates how powerful sexual transmutation is.

I had my first theoretical encounter with transmutation while reading “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Chapter 11 is dedicated to the idea. The first time I read it I didn’t understand it. I talked with others and it seems that most people misapprehend it. After my experiments with total abstinence I reread it. There are two bigger ideas. First, sexual energy is the most powerful human energy, Second, through control of the energy one can unlock the inner genius. With control of your sexual energy you can exploit your full potential.

Unfortunately the whole chapter is vague as you can see in following quote:

“Chief among the stimuli with which this “stepping up” of the vibrations may be produced is sex energy. The mere possession of this energy is not sufficient to produce a genius. The energy must be transmuted from desire for physical contact, into some other form of desire and action, before it will lift one to the status of a genius.

Far from becoming genii, because of great sex desires, the majority of men lower themselves, through misunderstanding and misuse of this great force, to the status of the lower animals.

“ – Napoleon hill

That is why most people can’t use the information. It is too abstract.

How to transmute your sexual energy

Think and grow rich was published in 1937. Today we a have a different society regarding sex. Everything is sexual. It is harder to be firm.

Stop watching pornography: Among other negative effects, porn robs your sexual energy. Stop, for good! Watching it is always a temptation, with or without masturbation.

Avoid other triggers: Porn is usually the biggest trigger for sexual distractions. But, there could be others as well. You need to observe your behavior. If you find something that arouses you sexual, avoid it.

Stop Masturbating: This one is the biggest waste of your sexual energy and time! You should avoid masturbation at all costs. If you need help of porn or pictures, you don’t need to masturbate.

Engage in sports: Exercise is a great way to lose some of your excess sexual energy. Another benefit is that you do something good for your looks and health.

Engage in yoga: Like sport, yoga is a great way to control you sexual energy. Yoga is actually an ancient way of channeling energy.

Engage in meditation: Using meditation you can teach yourself more focus. More focus equals less sexual distraction.

Follow your passions; Create something: You can’t write procreate without create. The best way to transfer your sexual energy is to create. It needs to be something you’re passioned about; something your desire. You have to commit to it 100%. Set goals and follow through.


Sex is an important part of your life! I’m not saying that you should give up your sex life to unleash your inner genius. The point is, you should NOT waste you sexual energy, for example with masturbation. Give your sexual energy to girls or your passions! You have to decide how you want to spend your precious sexual energy!

What happened with George?

At the end George gave up his inner genius. Throughout the episode he learned Portuguese while talking to a Portuguese waitress. In the end he had sex with her? You ask: Why would he give up his inner genius? He calculated the odds to ever again have sex with a Portuguese woman. The odds were so low that mathematically he had to do it.


Have you ever tried to live without porn and masturbation? If so, please tell us about the effects in the comment section.

Deo volente,

Gaius Wolf

P.S. Do you find it difficult to stop watching porn? If so, you should read my articles on porn addiction. Porn has a toxic influence on our minds and is more dangerous than you think.



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4 thoughts on “The Power Of Sexual Transmutation Will Make You Awesome
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  2. ruminatingrandy

    I quit using porn about 1 month ago, after using it for 20 years.

    Not sure if that is some sort of accomplishment.

    I kind of realized that it was just fantasy.

    I am 37, and I have only had sex once. That idea is just sad to me.

    I work out all the time, I quit smoking pot and drinking 10 years ago.

    Lost 50 pounds also.

    So, I quit pot and drinking. Quit watching porn, and lost 50 pounds.

    I havn’t masturbated in about a week and honestly don’t feel the urge to without the porn.

    I just want to be present and live my life, I will have sex if the occasion arises, but I am over the fantasy stuff.

    Just want to stay present, that’s why I have not yet masturbated.

    Hate to burst your bubble, but not sure what the effects of masturbation are if any, I mean I am not sure if quitting or doing it gives me an edge either way, that is why I believe that it might just be a wash.

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