The 3 most Important And Powerful NoFap Benefits


Are the NoFap benefits worth doing the NoFap challenge? Yes! Yes they’re! Porn and masturbation are the biggest killers of your motivation and confidence. They are obstacles to a remarkable life, great sex, and your masculinity. The NoFap benefits help you especially in those areas of your life.

What’s NoFap?

There are several definitions of NoFap or the NoFap challenge. Some people argue NoFap is quitting porn. Other people argue it’s quitting masturbation. And a third group argues it is both. I agree with the third group. When I talk about NoFap I mean:

NoFap = no porn + no masturbation

Another discussion is about the amount of time. That’s there the challenge part comes from. So, how long should you do the NoFap challenge? In my opinion you should quit porn and masturbation for good. Challenges are a great way to motivate yourself. But, your overall goals should be quitting for good.

The 3 Most Important NoFap Benefits

NoFap benefit #1: Improvement of Masculinity and Confidence

We men are made to be masculine and confident. That is our nature and biology. But, today we live in an artificial environment inhibiting our nature. There are many societal problems making men feminine and doubtful. Fapping, or porn, is one of them.


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We humans are group animals. And like any other group animal we live in a hierarchical order. We constantly evaluate our position in the hierarchy. We constantly compare ourselves with others. This is not limited to real people. It is also true for fictional people – people in media. Our brains can’t distinguish between real people and fictional people. (Everything works different on a subconscious level.) This mechanism can make you happy or unhappy depending on who you compare yourself with.

With porn it is not different. We men compare ourselves with porn actors we watch. And we can’t win that comparison. Porn is one of the most fake things in the world. They use every imaginable trick to make the actor look bigger and longer lasting. Also, we watch more than one clip in the age of online porn. So, in one fapping session we compare ourselves with many fictional guys having sex with beautiful girls. Every time you’re fapping you’re comparing yourself with a fantasy.

On a conscious level this may feel great. But, on a subconscious level it’s a different story.

When we lose a comparison our body chemistry changes. Our brains release hormones that signal submissiveness. The opposite happens when we win a comparison. Our brains release hormones that signal confidence. Both lead to changes in behavior and body language. (Porn has a toxic influence on our minds.)

When you start with the NoFap challenge you stop comparing yourself to those fictional porn guys. You become more confident and masculine. You feel more happy. Your body language and behavior change for the better.

NoFap benefit #2: Better Sex Life

Real sex is very different compared to porn sex. Porn is a fantasy. You’ll never be able to fuck 60 minutes like the guys in porn – and neither can they. They use every imaginable trick to make the guys look bigger and long-lasting.

Nofap Benefit #2: Better Sex Life at Pexels

Paradoxically, your sex life gets closer to the porn fantasy when you do the NoFap challenge.

Over time fapping, and porn, desensitize you from normal sex. It works like a drug. At the beginning you fap to a normal couple having vanilla sex. But, that’s not enough after a while. You start to crave more and more extreme fantasies.

Anal, DP, Three-way, Interracial, Bukkake, Golden Showers and even more bizarre stuff.

The worse case is impotence – not being able get an erection from a real woman.

Our brains rewards the chase. It rewards not only catching an animal but also the hunt itself. It rewards the chase for rewards. But, in an age of porn abundance this mechanism works against us. Without a pause we need a bigger chase to get rewarded. It’s a vicious cycle.

When you break out this toxic cycle, with the nofap challenge, your brain chemistry goes back to normal. Your brain rewards you again for normal things as a nofap benefit. This includes sex with woman. You’ll feel better chasing and seducing girls.

NoFap benefit #3: Energy transmutation

Fapping costs a lot energy. Most people underestimate how much energy they waste on fapping and porn. They understand that physical labor burns calories.

But, there is also mental energy. (that we can’t measure.) Our brains exhaust much like our muscles. There is a capacity to the amount of mental labor we can do every day. You can think of it as tank for mental energy. While you sleep the tank fills up. Over a day you use up the mental energy. Making decisions costs energy. Intense focus costs energy. Fapping costs energy.

When the tank is empty your brain falls back to habits. You have a hard time to focus and make bad decisions. And remember, your life is the sum of the decisions you make.

There is another important aspect related to mental energy. I mentioned earlier how our body chemistry rewards the “chase”. Our body chemistry rewards actions leading to rewards. On a less technical level we’re talking about motivation. This mechanism can also exhaust. It’s like a drug. After some time you need higher dosages to feel it. Both fapping and porn increase the needed dosage quickly.

With porn you can always search for new more extreme ones. But, you can’t do that for other activities. There is no extreme version of dish washing or lifting weights.

Fapping kills your motivation to do anything else.

When you do the nofap challenge you free a lot mental energy. The even bigger nofap benefit is the return of real strong motivation.

Take On The NoFap Challenge

In the introduction I asked, are the nofap benefits worth doing the nofap challenge. I hope reading about the nofap benefits helps you to come to the same conclusion I had. Yes, the nofap benefits are worth doing the nofap challenge!

Stop fapping immediately. Do the nofap challenge! I can tell you from experience it is life changing.

Deo volente,

Gaius Wolf

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