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The power of feedback loops

We all love to get ahead in life. Reaching goals is one of the most satisfying feelings that exist. Behaviors and the right proceed are the cornerstones for success. You can use the power of feedback loops to affect both.

Before looking at feedback loops from those two perspective, let’s establish how to create them.

  1. Work towards a goal

  2. While you do it, collect data

  3. Use the data as feedback to change action

  4. Repeat

You create feedback loops simply by collecting data and changing your actions accordingly. It is as simple as powerful.

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Feynman Method

When was the last time you unsuccessfully tried to understand a concept?

“I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.” – Richard Feynman

For me, it was the day before I learned the Feynman method. I tried to understand some algorithms during my calculus classes. I did the math and sometimes I got the right answer. But I did not understand the underlying meaning. I could use the algorithms but I did not know when and why. Around the same time one of my professors mentioned Richard Feynman during class. It was a recommendation to look him up. I did. I found a role-model and a great learning method.

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Book summarizing book


“No two persons ever read the same book.” – Edmund Wilson


I find it very difficult to remember everything I read in a book. After some time I even forget the bigger ideas or core concepts. For fictional books I don’t mind so much. I read them for fun. But with non-fictional books it is different. I read them to get better and grow. Reading them is an investment into my future. It should pay off!

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Learn by Teaching

Learn by Teaching is one of the most effective learning techniques.

“While we teach, we learn,”- Seneca

The principle of learn by teaching can be summarized in following sentence: You only truly understand something, if you can teach it to it to somebody else.

Teaching forces you:

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