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Overcome Anxiety with Visualization

Have you ever felt so much anxiety that you didn’t dare to do something?

“He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.” – Aristotle

I found and still find myself in such situations. It happens to me often before important presentation, deadlines, social events or when I want to talk to a girl while I am going out. Sometimes it just happens unconsciously.

Anxiety is a state where you feel an inner disturbance. It’s triggered by the possibility of getting hurt in the future. You can look at it as a warning sign to avoid pain. But the mechanism isn’t yet adjusted to modern times.

When I am confronted by a situation that causes anxiety or generally feel anxiety, I use visualization to dissolve it or at least reduce it.

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“Sometimes, simply by sitting, the soul collects wisdom.” – Zen proverb

Meditation is a exercise, where you focus your attention at only one thing. Contrary to everyday life, where you get bombed with information and interruptions. Too much information and interruptions are bad for your focus and concentration. Meditation is also a tool for learning about yourself and for growing.

Since the 1950 many studies have been made about the topic. How it works is still unclear. But the benefits have been proved scientifically. Among those are following:

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