Nowadays everybody sets goals. Athletes have the goal to win championships. Companies have the goal to make much money. Parents have the goal to spend more time with their children. However often they fail to reach their goals because of the definition.

Your tasks and goals should be defined SMART. SMART stands for:


Define your goals as specific as possible. Otherwise you won’t know there to start and when you reached your goal. Not: “I will learn Spanish!”, rather: “I will learn to speak to a Spaniard about the weather!”.


You only can reach goals that are measurable. So define your goals It’s hard to measure something abstract; it’s easy to measure something concrete, like numbers. That’s why you should define your goals specific.


You goals should be realistically achievable.


Your goals should have relevance. Don’t waste time on unimportant tasks and goals. Concentrate on the really important things!


Define a time frame for your tasks and goals. Otherwise you will always delay it.

Your goals should make sense in a wider context.

Don’t plan to far ahead. Plan as late as possible; when you will have the most information.

Your man,

– Gaius Wolf



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