Learning types

During school and my studies I spend a lot of time in front of books. Literally. Unfortunately without great success. I’m not good at learning out of books. If you maid similar experiences, maybe it will help you also to know your learning type.

Learning types are a model or concept. The says that a person learns best trough a certain sensory channel.

Classically there are three Learning types: visual, auditive and Kinesthetic. Often the communicative type is also mentioned.

Persons with a visual preference learn best through seeing information . They learn best with pictures, maps, diagrams, metaphors and analogies. If you are a visual learner, you should start learning with videos , pictures, diagram or a lecture. Try to convert all written or spoken information in a visual form. Structure all information with diagrams, mind-maps and colors.

Auditive types learn best through hearing information. They learn best by hearing or having talks, discussion or presentations about the topic. If you are a auditive learner, you should start learning with a mentor or a peer. Listen to their lecture or/and engage in conversations with them. Important is to summarize all information in your own words. If you can’t find somebody, listen to pod-casts or videos and speak to yourself. Read aloud. Sounds funny, but works. Use Rhythm and rhymes to retain information easier.

The Kinesthetic type learns best with sense of touch. They learn best by touching, moving and interacting with the matter. If you are a kinesthetic learner, interact with the subject matter physically. Start with baby steps and try to make mistakes as inexpensive as possible. Learn with your body; for example go into a science lab instead of a science class.

Communicative types learn best trough interacting with others. The success depends heavily on the other person. Therefore they should choose their teachers, professors etc wisely. If you are a communicative learner, find somebody who can teach you about the matter and more importantly you find likable. Preferably an expert or a mentor.

The concept of learning types is controversial. Important is: You should know how you learn best. If you have problems with reading books try a pod-cast or a video. Make it easy for yourself, then it will make fun.

Call on action:

  • Find your learning type

  • Next time you learn something, try your preferred way

Your man,

– Gaius Wolf



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