Knowledge Portfolio

In the last couple of years I occupied my mind on the subject learning. In school or during university the main part of the courses are predefined. Beyond that you can or must set a thematic priority. But how do you decide which thematic priority is right for you?

Beginning with the work life similar questions come up. You have to learn many new skills in a very short period. So there do you start and what is important for your career?

Such questions can be answered with an investment plan.

The idea is to maintain your knowledge portfolio like a financial portfolio.

To maintain your knowledge portfolio follow these steps:

Set Goals:

Be very concrete; define your goals and tasks SMART!


While you choose areas to invest try do diversify your portfolio. Don’t stake everything on one card. Always have a look on the ratio between risk and return of investment. Areas with low risk bring usually less return of investment.

Invest Active:

Frequently reevaluate you portfolio. Is it performing like desired? Have technologies and industries changed since you created your portfolio?

Invest Regularly:

Sometimes you invest with profit and sometimes with loss. That’s the reason you should invest regularly. Then profits and losses even out and usually you get good results. Make it a habit.

Never forget, all investments in knowledge have value!

Your man,

– Gaius Wolf



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