Ever since my childhood I suffered from obesity. That’s why I decided to lose weight a long time ago. Since then I lost 25 Kilos. The times I feared to stand on a scale are over. But I reached a weight plateau, which I couldn’t break with a dietary change and/or more training. Therefore I’m going to take a deeper look at all influences on my weight. Insulin is one major factor.

Insulin is a hormone. Hormones are chemicals that transport information through our bodies to start processes or control behaviors. Insulin is the only hormone responsible for decreasing the blood sugar concentration. If your blood gets too thick, because of too much glucose (sugar), it can’t circulate. In this case you die. Therefore the body/pangrias sends out insulin. Insulin transports the glucose (sugar) into the liver. If your liver is full, into your muscles. If your muscles are full into your fat cells. At this point insulin becomes the fat storage hormone. This happens when you eat a meal with way too many carbohydrates or more scientifically then your blood sugar concentration reaches a certain point.

So basically insulin is a lifesaver. But our typical western diet, consisting much pasta, rice, sweets etcetera plus the fact that fat cells can store infinitely equals a disaster.

Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin sensitivity tells us how good our bodies/ muscle cells can respond to insulin. High sensitivity means that your body reacts good and can easily absorb glucose. Low means that your body does not respond to insulin and can hardly absorb glucose.

Insulin Resistance

Is the ultimate form of low insulin sensitivity, also known as Type II Diabetis. The muscles don’t respond to insulin at all. Reasons are way too many meals causing insulin peaks. The body responds accordingly.

Do you lose weight without insulin?

Yes and no. At the beginning of a low-carb diet you lose some weight. But after some time you will see no results. Initially your leptin levels are normal. Leptin is one hormone responsible for burning fat. Low insulin level causes also a low leptin level. You won’t gain weight but you won’t lose it either.

Your man,

– Gaius Wolf



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