Insights of the No-Shave-November

This year I participated in the no-shave-november. Normally I shave every other day. I’m very proud of my shaving results! So trying a beard is a very strange experience for me. Here are my insights after one month with beard.


After about a week the beard starts itching like crazy. That is the time most guys give up and shave. Don’t! It will stop after 2 or 3 days. Washing your beard with conditioner and treating it with a beard-oil, can really help during this phase.

If you let your beard grow wild, you will probably look like a caveman. I do. Which brings us to the next point …


Good news is, grooming you beard takes less time than shaving. Shave the edges straight. Once a week trim the mustache area. Use a comb and scissors. Be very careful! The minimal solution is to cut of hairs overlapping your upper lip.


Reactions were mostly positive. Almost everybody I know asked why I started growing a beard. I got a lot compliments and had a topic to talk about.

In work the management decided also to take part and let it grow. So we supported each other.

My closest friends compared me to homeless people, hipsters or a religious guy. The normal good friends swagger/bullshit talk.

Some guys say, that girls totally dig it. I couldn’t observe a difference. Some girls ruffled my beard.


I’m a very tidy person. The beard feels untidy to me. So if my surrounding is messy, the beard adds up to it and I get more easily distracted. On the other side, the beard feels very manly. I walk more tall and proud with it.

Will I participate again next year?

Definitively YES! It’s a great experience and celebrating your manliness is always a nice thing.

Your man,

Gaius Wolf



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