How To Help Your Parents With Computer Problems Remotely

Are you the computer guy in your family? Are you fixing every computer problem for your parents? Or, are you “responsible” for every problem with the Internet connection? I’m that guy. I think everybody with parents born before the Internet-era is that guy. Often, rebooting is enough to resolve the issue. But, some issues demand maximum effort(, to quote Deadpool). They demand you sitting in front of the machine. I try to resolve such issues with Teamviewer.

April 2016 my father turned 60. I gave him a new laptop with Windows 10. Before he had used my old desktop computer with Windows XP. He missed Windows 7 and 8. So the new operating system is a huge change for him. From day one he had many questions. Together we set up the system. I explained the new concepts and gave him a quick start guide. I knew that some questions would pop up later.

People expect help immediately. So either you have to explain something on the phone or you have to visit. I hate both scenarios. It is almost impossible to explain something visual over the phone. Visiting costs time, that I don’t have.

To avoid theses scenarios and the involved stress, I installed TeamViewer on my father’s computer.

“It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.” – Amelia Barr


TeamViewer gives you remote access to your parent’s computers. With TeamViewer you see exactly what they see on their desktop. It’s like sitting in front of the system.

This makes things so much easier. Now you can talk about the same thing without long exhausting explanations. You both see it. You both get faster the same understanding of the issue.

Not only can you see the desktop, you can also move the mouse and type with your keyboard. You can solve the issue. As your parent watches, he or she learns (hopefully) how to resolve the issue next time.

Easy To Use

Teamviewer Start Page

Teamviewer Start Page

Let’s assume you installed Teamviewer on your father computer and on your own. Your father calls you. He can’t send E-mails. He explains Outlooks behavior but you don’t get it. He asks you to come by and resolve the issue. It is important. But, you can’t. You have too much work to do.

So, you tell him to start Teamviewer. At the same time you start it as well on your device. To connect with his computer you need your father’s Teamviewer ID and his password. Both are displayed on the left side in the window that opens after the start.

On the right side of the window is a form with a text field, labeled Partner ID, and connect button. In this field you enter your father’s Teamviewer ID. When you press the connect button, a dialog asks for the password. After you enter the password a new window opens with the desktop of your father.

“Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.” – Saadi

Now that you see Outlook everything gets much easier. The explanations of your father start to make sense. He shows you the wrong behavior. In know time you understand and resolve the problem. You father is happy and you’re happy. That’s the beauty of Teamviewer.


Teamviewer is free for personal use. If you want to use it commercially you have to buy a license.


Desktop sharing is only one functionality of Teamviewer. You can also transfer files, record a session, have a meeting with many participants, and much more.

Last but not Least

First, I get NO provision for advertising and I’m NOT affiliated with the company in any way.

I just love the product. It makes my live so much easier.

Second, don’t use Teamviewer as an excuse not to visit your parents! Sometimes they ask for your help just to see you.

Deo volente,

– Gaius Wolf



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