Let’s talk about men boobs!


Let’s talk about the cause of men boobs, estrogen! We already talked about testosterone, the male sex hormone. Estrogen is the female sex hormone. You can find both hormones in males as in females. But with different ratios. Men have much testosterone and little estrogen. With women it is vice versa. They have much estrogen and little testosterone. As this blog is written for men, this article will focus on the effects on men.

Estrogen deficient women are the walking dead. – Marie Hoag

The main purpose of estrogen is reproduction. Low levers of estrogen lead to a low sex drive. This case is unlikely to happen. More likely are high levels, the so called estrogen dominance. Estrogen is also involved in your metabolism. High levels lead to mood swings, bad blood sugar levels and weight gains around your chest area. Also known as man boobs syndrome.

Reasons for high estrogen levels

Like many new age diseases the reasons for high estrogen is the food industry. Plastic containers are full of xenoestrogens. Those are hormones that imitate estrogen. If you drink from a warm plastic bottle, you overflow you body with xenoestrogens. Meat and dairy products are full of growth hormones. Those hormones also imitate estrogen. In order to get normal estrogen levels, we have to make some lifestyle changes.

Dos and don’ts for normal estrogen levels

  • Eat broccoli, Cauliflower, cabbage and brussel sprouts! These vegetables will help your liver to detox the extra estrogen

  • Avoid soy (products)!

  • Avoid soy based protein powder!

  • Switch to organic meat and dairy products!

  • Stop eating and drinking out of plastic bottles!

  • Avoid beer! The hops contain estrogen.

  • Eat healthy bacteria! It will help your liver to detox.

Lose weight

Beside the testicles, fat cells also produce estrogen. The process is called aromatase. During the process testosterone gets transformed into estrogen. More estrogen leads to more fat, leads to more estrogen and so on. It’s a vicious cycle. To break the estrogen dominance you have to lose weight.

Lower estrogen levels lead to higher testosterone levels. Which will help you, to lose weight. High estrogen levels lead to breasts.

Call on Action:

  • Adjust you diet, for lower estrogen levels!

Your man,

Gaius Wolf



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