Embrace Your Masculinity! It Is Your True Nature

Most men are PUSSYS! Most men are weak, emotional cowards, that follow the masses. Stoicism demands to live according to nature. Man’s true nature is to be masculine! Man’s nature is to be strong, courageous and to lead. Embrace your masculinity to live according to nature!

Masculinity in Ancient Greek and Rome

During stoicism’s period of prosperity men lived closer to our earliest ancestors. Live was much tougher back then. Survival was the priority. The environment and nature forced men to be masculine. Masculine traits were necessary for survival; not only in nature.

The ancient times were very cruel. Violence was omnipresent. There was no justice system like today. So, masculine traits helped to protect oneself.

Two additional points had influence on masculinity in the ancient world: virtues and role model.

The Stoics adopted four cardinal virtues from Plato:

  • Wisdom

  • Courage

  • Justice

  • Temperance (or self control)

I would argue that those are the virtues you need to survive as a small tribal group in nature. Those are true masculine traits.

Almost all ancient role models were masculine. Actually, I can’t think of one important figure, you could call a role model, that wasn’t masculine. Think about Odysseus. He was courageous, just, smart and had self-control. You can say the same about Socrates or Caesar. The list goes on and on.


Character and self-control.


Integrity and manliness.


Her reverence for the divine, her generosity, her inability not only to do wrong but even to conceive of doing it. And the simple way she lived—not in the least like the rich.

“ – Marcus Aurelius (Meditations: A New Translation)

Masculinity Today

Today society encourages young boys and men to embrace their feminine side and neglect their masculine side. Most men are unsure what it means to be a man. They ask themselves what it means to be masculine. There are many reasons for this insecurity.

Masculine traits are no longer necessary for survival. Most of us live in huge cities; very artificial environments. There are no real threads to us anymore. We are at the top of the food chain. The same holds true for rural areas.

Compared to 200 years ago we live in peaceful times. Violence is an exception. Law and Order serve justice.

Society looks after you.

Virtues are no longer important. We don’t talk and think about virtues. Society replaced them with “What works is good”. Morals are not important as long as you follow the law. On the other side we have certain topics that define what it means to be a good or a bad person. Those topics raise questions like:

  • Is it OK to eat meat?

  • Should we accept refugees in our country?

  • Is it OK to call a homeless person homeless or an obese person obese?

Eventually it boils down to what it means to be a good person.

“I want to be the bridge to the next generation.” – Michael Jordan

True role models are dying out. Instead, we glorify and imitate fake stars. They are not masculine. Like teenage girls they prepare hours in advance to take the perfect picture earning them the most likes. They offer almost nothing but entertainment. They don’t offer any morals or leadership. Following their lead we feed our egos on Facebook and other social media sides.

You have to think really hard to find a masculine role model living today. Athletes and soldiers are the only exceptions I can think of. They are the two groups where you can still find a majority of masculine role models. Good examples are Michael Jordan or Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

„I hope the millions of people I’ve touched have the optimism and desire to share their goals and hard work and persevere with a positive attitude.“ – Michael Jordan

As you can see in the ancient world it was easier to be masculine. Back then society supported man’s true nature. Today it’s the opposite. We live in an unnatural society that supports unnatural behavior.


Seneca and Marcus Aurelius didn’t write (explicitly) about masculinity. There was no need for them to do so. Society forced men to be masculine. They knew that masculinity was men’s true nature. Every “live according to nature” implies it.

As I already explained in previous articles we need a new modern stoicism. We have to adapt stoicism to the 21 century.

I think masculinity is a key issue that needs to be added explicitly to modern stoicism. I included it to the StoicMindset.

If you are a man and a stoic, live according to nature!

I encourage you to embrace your masculinity. Be masculine! Be a man! Live according to nature!

Adopt the four cardinal virtues from Plato:

  • Wisdom

  • Courage

  • Justice

  • Temperance (or self control)

Be masculine! Be a man! Live according to nature!

Deo volente,

Gaius Wolf



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