Cortisol Part 2


To prevent these effects you need to lower stress as far as possible.

Here is an incomplete list, of what you can do to lower stress:

  • Sleep more: Give your body time to heal and regenerate

  • Hear relaxing music: It diverts your attention away from the stress sources

  • Stay away from processed sugars and floor: These foods lead to inflammation and that leads to more cortisol

  • Eat a lot beans, peas and fish: These foods contain much omega-3 oil and Vitamin B5. Both lower cortisol levels

  • Relax (active) at least 20 minutes a day: Take the time to relax! Meditate or hear music without interruptions

  • Take Vitamin C: Eat paprika, lemons, oranges etcetera. Vitamin C regulates cortisol levels and prevents it from getting too high

  • Cut Caffeine: It raises your blood pressure, which is stress for your body

  • Do something that makes you laugh: Watch your favorite comedian on YouTube or hang out with a funny friend

  • Take rhodiola: This stuff is a cortisol killer. I just recommend it in extreme cases. Taking it daily isn’t a good idea. It is always better to change your behavior instead of using supplements

Doing things of the list will help you to lower your stress and cortisol levels. The best solution is to eliminate the stress source. For example, I feel a lot of stress taking the subway to get to work. All the people, their mostly stupid conversations and the narrowness. My solution was to hear music. Small change, big impact. Now, I’m relaxed when I arrive at work.

It is important to realize what is stressful. Once you know the cause for your stress, it is easy to find a solution to prevent it. Best case scenario, you don’t need to something to lower your high stress/cortsiol level.

Call on Action:

  • Look at what causes stress in your life!

  • Think about what you can do to prevent stress!

Your man,

Gaius Wolf



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