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Let’s talk about men boobs!


Let’s talk about the cause of men boobs, estrogen! We already talked about testosterone, the male sex hormone. Estrogen is the female sex hormone. You can find both hormones in males as in females. But with different ratios. Men have much testosterone and little estrogen. With women it is vice versa. They have much estrogen and little testosterone. As this blog is written for men, this article will focus on the effects on men.

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When I started training, I often felt powerless. I felt a lack of energy. At the same time, I was very motivated. I wanted to change! I googled the symptoms. My “results” were iron deficiency or magnesium deficiency. So I took supplements. Nothing changed. Looking closer at the hormones, I realized that high cortisol levels and low testosterone levels were responsible for my lack of energy.

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Insights of the No-Shave-November

This year I participated in the no-shave-november. Normally I shave every other day. I’m very proud of my shaving results! So trying a beard is a very strange experience for me. Here are my insights after one month with beard.


After about a week the beard starts itching like crazy. That is the time most guys give up and shave. Don’t! It will stop after 2 or 3 days. Washing your beard with conditioner and treating it with a beard-oil, can really help during this phase.

If you let your beard grow wild, you will probably look like a caveman. I do. Which brings us to the next point …

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How to read job descriptions

“This job was perfect for me! Why didn’t I get invited?”

Many people apply for their perfect job. But only a few actually get an interview or the job. As it turns out, many applications get rejected because the applicant does not fit the position. Why do so many people apply for jobs they are not fit for?

Reading a job description isn’t just reading!

First, let’s ask what is the purpose of a job description? To filter out a person qualified to do the job. Second, who writes it? Somebody from the Human Resources department. Another department or the department manager needs a new employee. He knows what he is looking for. But, searching a new employee isn’t his responsibility. So he delegates the task to Human Resources. They use a company template and fill in some general information about the position. This description will be used over and over again, even if it’s not current anymore.

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Lynchburg Lemonade

Do you like whiskey based drinks? If so, try the Lynchburg Lemonade!

This drink has two origin stories. The first one claims that the drink dates back to the time of prohibition. Lynchburg lies in a dry county. It is or was forbidden to sell whiskey but not an “alcohol free” lemonade.

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Gin Tonic

Try one of the best drinks in the world!

Gin Tonic was introduced by the army of the British East India Company during the colonial period. Back then Malaria was still a big problem and Quinine a remedy. But unfortunately it is very bitter. That’s why the soldiers mixed it with water, sugar and limes. That was the origin recipe.

Normal or Classical recipe

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Overcome Anxiety with Visualization

Have you ever felt so much anxiety that you didn’t dare to do something?

“He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.” – Aristotle

I found and still find myself in such situations. It happens to me often before important presentation, deadlines, social events or when I want to talk to a girl while I am going out. Sometimes it just happens unconsciously.

Anxiety is a state where you feel an inner disturbance. It’s triggered by the possibility of getting hurt in the future. You can look at it as a warning sign to avoid pain. But the mechanism isn’t yet adjusted to modern times.

When I am confronted by a situation that causes anxiety or generally feel anxiety, I use visualization to dissolve it or at least reduce it.

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Letter of Application

80% of all job applications get sorted out during the first reading because of formalities. That means, if you write letter of application with correct structure, grammatic and spelling, you are ahead of 80% of the competitors. Most of those errors you can fix with the right tooling (in your word processor). Let somebody else proof read it and you will find all.

A letter of application should have following order:

  • Letterhead

  • Subject Line

  • Salutation

  • Introduction

  • Body

  • Conclusion (with Signature)

I don’t write it in that order. I recommend writing it from the easiest part to the hardest: Letterhead, Subject Line, Salutation, Conclusion, Introduction, Body. It seems weird to work on the body at last, but it has some benefits. The other parts you can either fill in or use some templates. The body is different. You have to put effort into it. This proceed motivates me to write a good body because I gained momentum writing the other parts.

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How to write a resume and prepare necessary documents

The first time I started searching work and writing my applications I was overwhelmed. It was so important to search a job, but instead I procrastinated a lot. Unfortunately I started with searching the position and writing the letter of application. Writing the resume and preparing needed documents is a better way to start.

The goal of your application is to get an interview and eventually the position. In everyday life a personnel managers has little time to look over an application. That’s why your application needs to arouse interest. Your presentation needs to be convincing but yet brief.


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“Sometimes, simply by sitting, the soul collects wisdom.” – Zen proverb

Meditation is a exercise, where you focus your attention at only one thing. Contrary to everyday life, where you get bombed with information and interruptions. Too much information and interruptions are bad for your focus and concentration. Meditation is also a tool for learning about yourself and for growing.

Since the 1950 many studies have been made about the topic. How it works is still unclear. But the benefits have been proved scientifically. Among those are following:

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