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How To Quit Porn With SCIENCE

Porn is the biggest obstacle to your happiness and success. It’s the reason for your anxieties. It’s the reason you fear approaching girls. You know it’s true! Still, it is very hard to quit porn. Behavior change is always hard – especially when it’s addictive behavior. The SCIENCE framework is a powerful toolset to quit porn. Not only can it help you to quit porn, it can also make your sexual dreams come true.

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The Easy Formula To Unlock The Strongest Version Of Yourself

Are you a highly driven person? Do you work on the strongest version of yourself? We live in times there self-improvement is (almost) unavoidable. Yet, many people will never reach their peak performance. They don’t know about one important part of the growth formula. If you want to become the strongest version of yourself, you need to grow in a healthy and sustainable way. The growth formula explains how.

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How To Overcome Your Addiction To Porn Like Terry Crews

Finding somebody that admits publicly to his porn addiction is a hard task. I tried and failed for a long time. The feelings of guilt and shame are too big for most men to admit it. Instead, most porn addicts look for anonymous help in dubious forums. But, for my articles on porn addiction I wanted a real human being we can relate to. Recently, I found a man we all can relate to: Terry Crews.

“The thing that you think is imperfect about you is the thing that makes you who you are. It separates you from everybody else. I have a scar on my lip, and for years I hated it. But now its become my thing. It’s like, without it, I’m not me. You can’t be perfect, so enjoy your imperfections. I can’t stress that enough.” – Terry Crews

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Review: Problem Solving 101

Have you ever tried to solve a really hard problem? A problem you can’t google the answer to; or ask somebody else. A problem nobody ever had before you. The ability to solve such problems can change your life and is very valuable. If you want to learn how to solve hard problems you should read Problem Solving 101.

Ken Watanabe is the author of Problem Solving 101. (No, not the famous actor!) In the preface he explains why he wrote the book:

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Review: Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Do you hate deadlines?

I hated deadlines in school and college! I wasn’t good at time management back when. Every assignment with a deadline tormented me. Most of my classmates felt the same. Today, I love deadlines! I love constrains and clear focus. One reason I changed my opinion is Rework. This book changed many of my beliefs and changed the way I work.

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson wrote Rework as a by-product of their work at Basecamp. Jason Fried founded 1999 with Carlos Segura, and Ernest Kim Basecamp, as a web design company. Segura and Kim left. Fried hired Hansson to build a web-base project management tool. Later, he became a partner at Basecamp.

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Review: The 5 Love Languages

Until I read the 5 Love Languages I felt neglected by my family and some friends. Emphasis on felt. Both my family and friends showed me love. Unfortunately, they showed it in a language I haven’t appreciated.

According to Gary Chapman, the author of “The 5 Love Languages”, there are 5 different languages of love. Under language the author understands a way to express love. Each person has a preferred way to express and receive love. The other ways tend to get ignored. This ignorance leads to relationship problems.

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Review: The Lean Startup

In the last decade we have seen many startups coming up. Examples are Facebook, WhatsApp, Mint … the list goes on and on. What started as a trend around Silicon Value spreads around the world. We will see more success stories in the future. With the rise of the scene more books are published about the topic. One of the most successful is the Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

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