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The Easy Formula To Unlock The Strongest Version Of Yourself

Are you a highly driven person? Do you work on the strongest version of yourself? We live in times there self-improvement is (almost) unavoidable. Yet, many people will never reach their peak performance. They don’t know about one important part of the growth formula. If you want to become the strongest version of yourself, you need to grow in a healthy and sustainable way. The growth formula explains how.

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Stoic Thinking Tools: The Pro-Con List

Have you ever had a hard time answering such questions: Should I break up with my girlfriend? Should I give up my studies? Should I buy the new PlayStation? Should I take the Job at ACME? Often times we ponder over hard questions a long time, not knowing how to answer them. A Pro-Con List is and easy and powerful thinking tool that can help us to make a decision.

Funny fact about Pro-Con Lists

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How To Help Your Parents With Computer Problems Remotely

Are you the computer guy in your family? Are you fixing every computer problem for your parents? Or, are you “responsible” for every problem with the Internet connection? I’m that guy. I think everybody with parents born before the Internet-era is that guy. Often, rebooting is enough to resolve the issue. But, some issues demand maximum effort(, to quote Deadpool). They demand you sitting in front of the machine. I try to resolve such issues with Teamviewer.

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Love Is The Best Way To Show Acknowledgment At Work

Acknowledgment at work feels great. I love to get acknowledgment for great work and great ideas. I’m sure you love to get acknowledgement at work as well. Sadly, leaders and colleagues don’t always show acknowledgement, when it is appropriate. They should! And we should do it as well. The only question left is: What is the best way to show acknowledgement?

“The greatest humiliation in life, is to work hard on something from which you expect great appreciation, and then fail to get it.” – E. W. Howe

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Review: Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Do you hate deadlines?

I hated deadlines in school and college! I wasn’t good at time management back when. Every assignment with a deadline tormented me. Most of my classmates felt the same. Today, I love deadlines! I love constrains and clear focus. One reason I changed my opinion is Rework. This book changed many of my beliefs and changed the way I work.

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson wrote Rework as a by-product of their work at Basecamp. Jason Fried founded 1999 with Carlos Segura, and Ernest Kim Basecamp, as a web design company. Segura and Kim left. Fried hired Hansson to build a web-base project management tool. Later, he became a partner at Basecamp.

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3 Easy Ways To Train Writing Fundamentals

Writing is a craft! Like any other craft, we can train it. Most teachers and professional writers will tell you to write as much as possible, to become a better writer. And yes, practice makes perfect. But, how and what we practice makes a huge difference. A structured approach can improve our writing skills in no time.

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Better To-Do Lists: 3 Ideas That Will Make You Effective!

There is an uncountable number productivity systems in the world. All of them work and all of them don’t work. There is no, “one size fits all solution”. Most successful people use a combination of several solutions. They keep what works and throw away what doesn’t. I did the same and so should you. My current productivity system is combination of 3 powerful ideas everybody should know about.

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How To Improve Your Life With A Personal Performance Journal

Every night before I go to bed I look back at the day and plan for the next one. I started to write a journal because I read that many great man in history did the same. Marcus Aurelius, Ben Franklin, and Mark Twain. Recently I changed my journaling style. It was a small modification but it had great impact. I call it the performance journal.

“Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.” – Christina Baldwin

Old school Journal

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How To Improve Cleaning To Make Better Decisions

To make better decisions we have to make fewer decisions! Cleaning requires making a lot decisions in a short time. This leads to decision fatigue and eventually to bad decisions. By improving our cleaning tactics we can make fewer decisions. Thus, we improve our decision making.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Decision fatigue

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How To Tell Difficult People They Are Wrong

“Should I tell him he that his work is incorrect?”, asked my colleague. We write code in a Scrum team. Scrum is a process that involves a review. Developer A writes the code, developer B reviews it. Feedback and proposals for improvement are anticipated. Still, a review can be tough with difficult people, despite the environment. In general it is tough to tell people they did something wrong. But, you can avoid much conflict by using following guideline.

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