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24 Powerful Ways How To Dominate Her In Bed

Dominant sex is the best sex! There is nothing as good as the feeling when you fuck a girl however you like. That’s pure freedom. It is also raw power. And, it’s addictive. Yet, for most guys it’s the kind of sex they will never get. Just a dream. The reason is simple: they don’t know how to dominate her – inside or outside the bedroom. This article should fix that issue.

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Tested How To Be A Dominant Man Advice

Most advice on dominance is bullshit. I’ve read dozens of to-do lists on how to be a dominant man. I’ve heard dozens of guys giving bad advice on dominance leading to fights or breakups. Dominance isn’t just what you do! We have to dig deeper. After much learning and testing I found a new paradigm. With this tested how to be a dominant advice/paradigm things changed. Finally, I managed to be dominant with every girl I’ve met since.

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How To Be A Dominant Man Basics

Many guys wish for more traditional relationships with girls. They want to feel like man again. They want to be in control. They want feminine girls. Yet, they don’t know how to get these things. Dominance is the answer. These guys want to be dominant man! From my experience I can tell you it’s an amazing feeling to be a dominant man and to have a sweet feminine girl. If you want control over your sex life and a sweet feminine girl, learn how to be a dominant man! Become a dominant man!

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