24 Powerful Ways How To Dominate Her In Bed

Dominant sex is the best sex! There is nothing as good as the feeling when you fuck a girl however you like. That’s pure freedom. It is also raw power. And, it’s addictive. Yet, for most guys it’s the kind of sex they will never get. Just a dream. The reason is simple: they don’t know how to dominate her – inside or outside the bedroom. This article should fix that issue.

Back To The Basics

Before I explain how to dominate her in the bedroom, you need to understand what to do outside the bedroom. You can’t start to dominate her directly before sex. That’s not how it works. Instead, you need to dominate her from the get go. You also have to make it normal for her to be dominated by you. So make sure to read my article on how to dominate her basics and on my tested normalization process. That should give you the right mindset and tools for total domination. If you’re new to the topic, read also how to be a masculine man.

The Right Expectations

Hopefully you already understand how important expectations are for your happiness. I don’t want you to be disappointed because of false expectations. That’s why I want to clarify one thing. Yes, dominant sex is the best sex! But, it’s not at all like porn sex. Many guys think that it is. And, I have to disappoint them. It isn’t!

It’s more than a list of dominant sex positions.

Dominant sex is based on trust and the girl holds the power. And there needs to be true passion – long foreplay, deep kisses, and pleasure for her.

There is no real sex like in porn. If your think different, quit porn for at least 3 months. Then you will see the truth.

Sexual Energy

Wrong expectations are not the only reason to quit porn. Besides the toxic influence on your mind, porn also drains your sexual energy.

To dominate her in bed you need strong sexual energy. That energy fires your masculinity and your dominance. Without sexual energy you can’t be a masculine man – you can’t be a dominant man.

Unfortunately we live in a society where porn is almost unavoidable. Many men masturbate to porn until they lose their interest in real women. They drained their sexual energy until none was left for real women. Their sex life is just a fantasy.

We all should quit porn and instead gather the power of sexual transmutation. That way you have strong sexual energy in bed and also enough energy to accomplish great things.

The 24 Ways How To Dominate Her In Bed

I divided this (long) list in following chapter:

  • General Rules

  • Foreplay

  • Dominant Sex Moves

  • Dominant Sex Positions

  • Climax

General rules are must-dos. Dominant sex moves are things you can do during foreplay, climax, or in combination with dominant sex positions. Several you can use on their own – others are only useful in combination. The other chapters should be self-explanatory.

“Submission is not about what you dominant does TO you…it’s about what you do FOR your dominant.” ― Rika, Uniquely Rika

General Rules

  1. Err on the side of boldness a.k.a. push her boundaries

  2. Show you raw strength. You’re stronger than her. You can protect her. Proof it!

  3. Tell her what to do. Give her firm orders. You’re in control – speak like a leader!

  4. Dirty talk. Set playfully the vibe for dirty sex with dirty talk. This also helps to set the right expectations. So, tell her what you will do with her.

  5. Show you satisfaction – give her feedback. Girls hate shy guys during sex. They need to know that you enjoy the sex. The best ways to communicate enjoyment are moaning, groaning, and growling. Great are also statements like, “I love fucking your sweet, tight pussy!”


  6. Pick her up. A great way to prove you raw strength is to pick her up. Don’t do it like it’s your wedding night and you have to carry her over the threshold. You want to dominate her! Grab her ass with both hands and press her against you. As soon as she hugs you pick her up. Take the opportunity to carry her to your bed. On the way push her against a wall and make out with her. This is most exciting when the girl is naked. That way she feels the warmth of your body and the cold wall at the same time.

  7. Inspect her body. Take your time to enjoy what you see. Move with your eyes (and hands) all over her body. Pay special attention to the parts you like most. And show your satisfaction – tell her what you like. The best time to inspect her body is when you undress her. ( or immediately afterwards.)

  8. Pull her pants in her crotch. Speaking about undressing. When you undress her, take a moment to pull her panties in her crotch. Do it with a playful vibe – not at all aggressive. Move the panties from side to side to stimulate her pussy. This is also a great opportunity to inspect her pussy and compliment it.

  9. Put her panties in her mouth. Ideally her panties are the last thing you take off. Smell them. Tell her how good they smell. Then order her to open her mouth. Put them in her mouth. Give her an explanation like “I don’t want the neighbors to hear you mourn too loud.” Leading and confidence are the keys here as this is a rather unusual move. If she resists, don’t force it. Use it as an excuse to spank her. (If you’re are real gang-banger, put your underwear in her mouth ;-))

  10. Spank her. You can spank her in almost every situation or have an over the knee spanking session. Spanking is the primary way to punish her bad behavior in bed. But sometimes she will behave like a good girl. In that case, give her impossible tasks. For example, I always tell my girl to hold her legs in an uncomfortable position. She can’t do it for more than a minute. When she fails, I spank her. Often times a girl will overtly or covertly ask you to spank her. Overtly she will plain out ask you to do it. Covertly she will provoke you with insults most times. In any case the vibe is always playful yet dominant. As for the strength of the spank. Start with little force and increase it gradually. You don’t want to traumatize the girl with your first spank. Escalate slowly, she will tell you when it’s too much.

    Dominant Sex Positions

  11. Fuck her face. A blowjob where you’re lying and not playing with her is the least dominant one. In that situation she is in control. It gets better when she is sitting next to you and you play with her tits or ass. The best blowjobs are with her on her knees while you stand in front of her. Now you look down on her and she has to look up at you. You can grab her hair and face fuck her. Or, you can give her orders. If she disobeys, you can use it as an excuse to spank her. But, as always the vibe should be playful yet dominant. The easiest way to introduce this position is by standing up in bed. Alternatively, you can put a pillow on the ground. She will understand the gesture.

  12. Do the standing 69. This position is a combination of picking her up and face fucking her. It shows your raw strength. And, you really gonna need it. The standing 69 is not for weak guys or fat girls. But for those strong enough, standing 69 gives you total control. The girl is helpless and you can thrust in her mouth, playfully.

  13. Fuck her like a dominant missionary. Basic missionary position is great to establish trust. But, it’s not dominant. There are a couple of ways we can change that. One is to put her ankles on your shoulders. In that position she feels you weight stronger and you have better control. Another way is to split her legs into a V. Order her to hold her legs straight while you fuck her. When she disobeys you, use it as an excuse to spank her. Missionary positions are also great to choke her. (More on that later.)

  14. Exchange the cowgirl position with the reverse cowgirl. Yes, I know that cowgirl position is a favorite for many guys. But, it’s the least dominant sex position for men. Maybe it is the most dominant sex position for her. She is on control, her weight lies on you, and she could even choke you. An easy way to turn the power dynamic is to turn her around. Now she exposes her back to you and is vulnerable. You’re also able to spank her properly.

  15. Fuck her doggy style. Some people say that normal doggy style is already a dominant sex position. But, done right, you can increase your pleasure and hers 10 fold. Here are 3 things you can do to make doggy style more enjoyable and dominant:

    Pull her hair

    Hold her hands behind her back

    Tell her to spread her ass cheeks with both hands

    Doggy style is also a great segue into anal sex. The easiest way to introduce the idea is to stick your thumb up her ass during doggy style. Don’t force it into her. Instead, massage it slowly until your thumb slides into it.

  16. Fuck her in the ass. This is not for everybody. In porn anal looks like the cleanest thing in the world. That’s because the girls prepare themselves weeks ahead with a special diet and hygiene. Girls outside the sex industry don’t do that. Also, you can’t smell porn. That being said, most masculine man love to fuck girls in the ass. I do love it too, but only with the right girls. The best way to introduce anal is playing with her asshole while you fuck her hard. Once you have your thumb up her ass the next logical step is to use your penis. Don’t rush, if your girl is inexperienced. Take your time. Use lube to make it easier for both of you. Pause for a moment. Give her sphincter time to relax. When you feel that she relaxed, start fucking her slowly. After some time she will begin enjoying it and ask you to fuck her faster. After a couple of times you can skip some steps. You will be able to fuck her harder from the get go. Pro tip: Have a towel or tissues handy. You know exactly why.

  17. Ass to mouth her. ATM is the King of dominant sex positions. Dominant sex is not like porn sex. You dominate her but she still expects you to kiss her. So be warned.

    Dominant Sex Moves

  18. Make her taste herself. This move only works when she is really excited. You can do it in 3 ways:

    Finger her and give her a taste

    Fuck her and then quickly switch to a blowjob (Works only without a condom. Otherwise, the taste of the condom overshadows her juices)

    Order her to taste herself. I say something like, “Taste how good I make you feel.”

  19. Make her look at you penis moving in and out of her. This works best in a variation of the missionary position. Hold her head and order her to look down. Give her some dirty talk about how good it feels to move in and out of her. You can also tease her with your penis in that moment. Another option is the reverse cowgirl position in front of a mirror. Sit upright and you can enjoy the show.

  20. Eat her out from behind. Normal Cowgirl is the most dominant sex position for her. Eating a girl out is the most dominant sex move for her. An easy fix is to eat her out from behind. Get her in the doggy position and eat her from behind. You’re in control and she is vulnerable. You can also grab and spank her ass that way. At first this may be unusual for her. Yet, my experience is that most girls prefer being eaten out from behind.

  21. Choke her. * Contrary to most guy’s beliefs, girls love choking. The secret is to do it right. A good starting point is the missionary position. When you fuck her really good, put a hand on her neck. Don’t squeeze it or put pressure on it. See if she is comfortable with it. Ask her if she likes it. If she likes it, start squeezing her neck gently. She should feel the pressure but still be able to breath problem-free. You should also feel comfortable in that situation. If she tells or signals you to stop, stop immediately! Her well-being has the highest priority when you choke her. Remember how important trust is in a dominant-submissive-relationship. Sometimes she will ask you to choke harder. Do it, but be very careful.

  22. Pull her hair. This is probably the most unappreciated sex move. Just think about how woman fight each other. They pull each others’ hair out. There is something deeply animalistic about pulling hair. Girls love it when you pull their hair during doggy style. They also love it in other positions. It gives you so much control. Just make sure to grab a big chunk of hair. You don’t want to rip them out.


  23. Deny her orgasm! When she almost reaches her orgasm, deny her to come. Tell her she isn’t allowed to come. Order her to hold it back. If she doesn’t comply, stop fucking her for a moment. Make her beg for your penis. Start fucking her again when she agrees not to come until you allow it. And then tease her how good it will feel to come later. If she disobeys your orders, spank her. Also don’t expect this to work the first time you have sex with her. You need a good sense for her orgasm for this to work.

  24. Come in her mouth. This one is not a favorite of the ladies. The easiest way is to fuck her to orgasm in the missionary position. When you’re about to come, pull out and move up to her chest. Order her to open her mouth while you hold her head with one hand. If she disobeys, spank her. Also tell her a good girl swallows.

    Bonus: Toys & Tools

  25. A Paddle is one of my favorite toys. For some reason it makes spanking so much more fun. Every masculine man should own one.

    My favorite toy

    My favorite toy

  26. Cuffs are a great way to introduce bondage. It requires a high level of trust. But with a playful vibe and fluffy cuffs she will more likely agree to it.

  27. Bed restrains are the next level. You can get a good set for 20€ on Amazon. For me it was one of the best investments I made for my sex life. And, it really is a game changer. You’re fully in control and she is helpless. Not only is it a great dominance tool, it also creates a deeper bond.

“A gentleman holds my hand. A man pulls my hair. A soulmate will do both.” – Alessandra Torre

Now it is up to you. Go out and try out each point on the list. Be a masculine man and live according to nature! I’m sure it will elevate your sex life to the next level.

Deo volente,


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